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Lady Liberty.

when it comes down to it i'm just another slave to the system.
another person scared to break away.
my dreams have nothing to do with this repetitive struggle to maintain a glorified place in a materialistic society.
if they knew all i believed, i'm positive they'd persecuted me.

i see how Lady Liberty tramples those broke shackles with her feet,
i'm envious. i wish that could be me.
instead, i just choke back the tears and continue on with this pointless routine. 
people are oppressed here.
it's the worst kind, the oppression of the soul and it's accomplished through endless scrutiny.
it's enough to suffocate me.
here, they just mask it with flashy things, call it the American dream, and the land of the free.
they're not tricking me; i hope i never live up to their warped interpretation of what life is meant to be. 


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