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Today, i thought to myself, who do i turn my request-for-time-back-slip into? If i could have just a few days back I'd do somethings very differently. These thoughts resulted in a unrhyming, chaotic word spill I like to consider a poem, because well i can.. it's my blog. I make the rules. enjoy.


Swift, bankrupt gazes
take life so kindly,

Intentional barricades
obstructing harmony,

Quenched, thirsty thoughts
in search for existance,

Abandoned dreams
traded for restless pursuit,

Minds so demanding
missing tranquility,

Dilapidated interiors
exposing a forced steel visage,

Irrepressible hunger
surrounded by synthetic figures,

Momentous contact
eclipsed with fears,

Bleed dry prayers
and wholly answers,

Undeserving, earth-bound offerings
shattered by trepidation,

Pleading for rewinds, windbacks, and reverses
shadowed by silent screams upon invisible tears,

Exposing etched on hearts
placed inadvertently apart,

Manifestly revealing love
discarded by foolish hands.

Now we're left to look around and wonder,
what has this life become?


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