Love song.

"i'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here." -- John Mayer


Today, i thought to myself, who do i turn my request-for-time-back-slip into? If i could have just a few days back I'd do somethings very differently. These thoughts resulted in a unrhyming, chaotic word spill I like to consider a poem, because well i can.. it's my blog. I make the rules. enjoy.


Swift, bankrupt gazes
take life so kindly,

Intentional barricades
obstructing harmony,

Quenched, thirsty thoughts
in search for existance,

Abandoned dreams
traded for restless pursuit,

Minds so demanding
missing tranquility,

Dilapidated interiors
exposing a forced steel visage,

Irrepressible hunger
surrounded by synthetic figures,

Momentous contact
eclipsed with fears,

Bleed dry prayers
and wholly answers,

Undeserving, earth-bound offerings
shattered by trepidation,

Pleading for rewinds, windbacks, and reverses
shadowed by silent screams upon invisible tears,

Exposing etched on hearts
placed inadvertently apart,

Manifestly revealing love
discarded by foolish hands.

Now we're left to look around and wonder,
what has this life become?

Impudently unsuitable.

love seems so unattainable.
i would never say it out loud, but the thought crosses from time to time
that maybe I’m just not suitable.
but I still believe, and i know nothing will change my mind.
i've never dreamed of a more sublime thing.
i'm not going to stop dreaming now.


I use to wonder if there would ever be a time in my life when i would stop trying to find myself and instead just be myself.
The truth is I am myself. Myself is just subject to change.


i'd give anything to be able to tell the people of Haiti i love you and to help rebuild their lives.
when other people hurt, i hurt.
i know there are people over there who dream just like me,
who love this life just like me,
and who would do anything to help another in need.  
their lives are worthy.

this earth is a family of approx. 6.8 billion people strong.
every single person has the ability to change lives for the better.
we're all linked together.
when will the world wake up and realize we've got to start genuinely loving eachother?

Unique existential quantification.

sometimes i wish i was a cookie-cutter person or a puppet on a string.
life would be so much easier if i let other people think for me.

the three stages of truth:

1. Ridicule
2. Violent Opposition
3. Truth

--- Arthur Schopenhauer

i have to remind myself if I want my voice to be heard, my dreams to become a reality, and this world to live as one, I have to be willing to go through all these stages to reach that goal. it's a long, hard road but there's nothing else i'd rather live for.

Carry This Gun.

when it comes to war i don't think there will ever be a true winner.
it's like everyone's playing a losing game that we don't have to play.
one day i hope we grow up and we'll all just get along.



africa is a constant, perpetrual thought for me.

it’s not a location i’m preoccupied with; it is as social need. It is this distressing, overpowering , irrisistible pain that’s mixed into the air I breathe.

its created this movement inside of me. it’s beginning to seep out of my veins. I believe it is these internal movements  that awaken the soul and strike up a revolution to change the world.

you can only endure this kind of conflict for so long before it grabs ahold of your heart, consumes your mind, and moves your soul.

it gives you the ability to love people you’ve never met before. i don’t think it’s possible to understand the importance of peace without seeing beyond yourself and feeling to this high of a degree.

New Year.

there are a lot of things i'd like to accomplish this year.
mainly i just want to learn more, grow more, and love more then ever before.
i know the human capacity to love is far greater than what i express daily.
not a day goes by that i don't experience love in some form.
this world is beautiful, people are beautiful, there's no room for love deprivation.

"And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." --The Beatles


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